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Mail Services

At Tandem, our team has deep expertise related to mail and the United States Postal Service. From managing data, to the processing of mail, to warehousing—our veteran mail specialists are unmatched in the depth and breadth of their knowledge.

If you have questions about mail, postage, or regulations, just ask. Our team of experts can help you master your printing and mailing needs.

Mail Design

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At Tandem, we are experts in mail design. Through our close integration with the United States Postal Service, and the expertise of our certified Mailpiece Design Professionals, our team can work closely with yours to assess your needs, and then design a complete, streamlined solution that eliminates headaches and saves you time and money.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art shape-based technology and in-line scales allow us to determine exact postage based on size and weight. Connecting the meters to a central software system ensures accurate accounting and provides customized billing, which enables you to assign fees to separate departments within your company.

First-Class Presort

mail pre-sort

At Tandem, collaboration drives everything we do.

By working closely with our customers, we ensure that we fully understand their challenges before designing a solution.

And close integration with the United States Postal Service ensures that our processes are fully streamlined. For our customers, this means greater accuracy, better data, and a savings—sometimes a significant savings—in postage fees.

We help our customers achieve better data by scrubbing their databases through our multi-line optical character readers (MLOCRs), which automatically barcode and sort both letter-size and flat (catalog-size) envelopes.

Using E-Forward technology, the MLOCRs scan delivery addresses as the mail is processed (at speeds of up to 36,000 pieces per hour). If it detects that an address owner has moved and submitted a change of address through the United States Postal Service, the MLOCRs automatically apply the new address directly above the barcode.

This envelope is then automatically forwarded to the recipient’s new address without delay. Our customers can retrieve an electronic file—updated daily—of all address changes, to keep their mailing database current.

Tandem processes and delivers all first-class presorted mail to the USPS on-site acceptance unit the same day it is picked up. As a full service, seamless-acceptance mailer, Tandem is able to deliver mail directly to the USPS at our own facility. This process eliminates handoffs—with no change of possession, from data stream to the mail stream.

Mail Preparation

mail preparation process

The Tandem team can take the hassle out of your mailings by managing your outbound mail and its preparation. Send us your data file, printed material, and anything in between, and leave the rest to us. Our comprehensive array of mail preparation services includes:

  • Purchasing targeted mailing lists to help grow your business
  • Updating your mailing database using NCOAlink to meet United States Postal Service requirements (free of charge when Tandem prepares your mailing). This is especially important for standard mail because mail pieces are not forwarded
  • Managing your database, including purging duplicates and list suppression
  • Offering Delivery Point Validation (DPV) and CASS Certification. This process will verify the address and assign an Intelligent Barcode so the mail piece can receive the maximum USPS discount
  • Safely and securely transfer information to an FTP
  • Direct mail and in-line tabbing
  • Addressing a wide variety of material ranging from post card to magazine sizes
  • Requiring only one pass to print a six-inch area
  • In-line drying unit that adheres ink to mail pieces, including aqueous coated material
  • Adding color tag lines and/or custom logos to make your mailing stand out, increasing the number of pieces that will be noticed and read
  • Monitoring and fulfilling changing USPS tabbing requirements on self-mailers and booklets
  • Applying postage stamps, stickers and scratch-offs to pieces four inches or smaller
  • Fast processing, running up to 20,000 pieces per hour on our high-speed ink jet equipment
  • An experienced hand crew to complete manual assembly of envelopes, poly-bags, packages and other small assembly work
  • Pick and Pack services
  • Warehousing paper and envelopes

Address Management Services

At Tandem, we never stop looking for greater efficiency for our customers.

Our address management processes, which include address cleansing through our NCOAlink software, increase the percentage of documents delivered to the intended recipient and allow the mail piece to receive the maximum United States Postal Service (USPS) postage discounts. Address cleansing will update the addresses of anyone who has moved and submitted a Change of Address form to the USPS.

In addition, it will determine if an address is non-deliverable so that address can be removed from the mailing list, saving on postage and preparation fees.

Addressing of documents is completed on our Videojet inkjet addressing equipment. To improve efficiency and keep service fees to a minimum, we have added an in-line tabber, which makes mailings fast and affordable for our customers.