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Mail management solutions

Smart Solutions, Seamlessly Integrated

From industry-leading digital, print and mail expertise and technology, to logistics, document conversion and mailroom management, we provide smart solutions to complex challenges. Every project. Every day.


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Quality and Compliance

For more than 15 years, Tandem Solutions has been ISO certified, which is an established quality management system that helps us maintain an environment of continuous improvement.

We believe standardization is the key to measurable successes in quality, turn time and all other quality metrics. Our corrective and preventative process ensures we can determine the root cause for any potential quality deficiency.

Tandem has a long-standing partnership with Bacompt Systems, a printing company with more than three decades of experience. Bacompt’s team of highly experienced programmers and managers run a complete printing operation inside Tandem’s 50,000 SF facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bacompt is FISMA external third party certified, the gold standard of the printing industry, which ensures that the electronic transfer and storage of your files are safe and secure.

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Working for Your Success

Mail insertions are becoming more targeted and complex. And with this increased complexity, the potential—and cost—of errors is magnified as well. A single insertion error could lead to a HIPAA violation or the exposure of personal information.

At Tandem, our customers rest easy knowing our process is built from the ground up for unmatched accuracy. To eliminate the possibility of insertion errors, we offer 100% integrity with our inserting operation.

Our file-based, auditable integrity system ensures all documents are accounted for, and that each envelope has the correct number of inserts going to the intended recipient. Our ten intelligent inserters can auto insert multiple pages into various envelope sizes, ranging from standard #10 to 9.5” x 12.5” flat envelopes.

Integrated cameras work hand in hand with our file-based integrity system to ensure the right pieces end up in the right envelopes, every time. Based on the customer’s business rules, multiple unique inserts can be selectively inserted into an envelope.