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Strategic Partnerships

Efficiency Through Partnership

At Tandem Solutions, we pride ourselves on the seamless integration of our services and the benefits this provides to our customers. This smart integration extends to our strategic partnerships with other specialists and organizations. These partnerships allow us to deliver results to our customers with even greater efficiency and accuracy—and often, at lower cost.

Some of our strategic partnerships include:

woman operating commercial printing

By fully integrating our systems with the United States Postal Service, we are able to deliver a more streamlined process for our customers, greater security, more accurate data, and lower mailing fees.

Also, as a full-service, seamless-acceptance mailer, Tandem is able to deliver mail directly to the USPS at our own facility. This process eliminates handoffs—with no change of possession, from data stream to the mail stream.

Bacompt Systems

Tandem has a long-standing partnership with Bacompt Systems, a printing company with over 30 years of experience. Bacompt’s team of highly experienced programmers and managers run a complete printing operation inside Tandem’s 50,000 SF facility in Indianapolis, IN. Bacompt is FISMA external third party certified, the gold standard of the printing industry, which ensures that the electronic transfer and storage of your files are safe and secure.

DOMA Technologies

Tandem has a long-term strategic partnership with DOMA Technologies of Virginia Beach, VA. As an industry leader in digital document conversion, digital mailrooms, and cloud-powered content management, DOMA provides software and intelligence to help power many of our document solutions.

AbilityOne and Ability Indiana

At Tandem, we participate in the AbilityOne and Ability Indiana programs. These are federal and state initiatives that help people with disabilities find employment with nonprofit agencies that sell products and services to the government.

Tandem received its first contract through AbilityOne in 2009. Since then, we’ve been awarded multiple additional contracts through both initiatives.